School of Larks

Static trapeze, silks, rope, juggling, circus skills classes for adults and children – Beginners to Advanced

About Alice and Claudia

We are Alice Watson otherwise known as Skylark and Claudia Weston also going by the name of cloud9. We met completely by chance! We both simultaneously had the idea (in different locations and having never met) of setting up a ‘circus school’ in the Cotswolds.

We tentatively had a ‘meeting’ and then it happened. We are now happily working together to build what will be a rural based circus school with branches initially in Stroud and Nailsworth.

Alice is an accomplished aerial acrobat and acrobalance artist specialising in trapeze and silks, whose performances combine dance, including flamenco and ballet, with acrobatics.

Using her unique combination of skills, Alice produces site specific shows that bring together the grace and elegance of dance with the strength and focus of aerial acrobatics to a dazzing effect.

Alice teaches trapeze, silks and acrobalance to children and adults.

Claudia started out as an actress, had children and decided she’d like to be close to them – so ditched the acting and became a yoga teacher. After about 10 years of yoga teaching she went to a Circus skills class and tried out some moves on a static trapeze. She was intantly smitten and currently teaches lots of yoga and as much static trapeze as is possible (with 3 children and still wanting to be near them!) Luckily the offspring also like static trapeze – so can often be seen at her classes.


6 responses to “About Alice and Claudia

  1. Emma says:

    I would love to find out more about how I could get involved

  2. Hi there, I live in Stroud and am also intersted in Juggling circus skills classes. Is there any one I can contact to find information about this?


    • CLAUDIA says:

      Hi Charlie,
      We have a Circus skills class in Nailsworth Sub Rooms on Wednesdays 4pm – 6pm suitable for adults and young people from 16 years. There is trapeze and silks tuition, opportunity for working with rolla bolla, juggling and acro balance. If you want to centre more around juggling, I suggest you contact Kai or Alex at Hope this helps! Claudiax

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