School of Larks

Static trapeze, silks, rope, juggling, circus skills classes for adults and children – Beginners to Advanced

School of Larks is here!!!

on February 11, 2014

School of Larks is a rural based circus school which endeavors to provide activities to rural areas which are usually only available in Cities. We currently offer Circus skills classes in Nailsworth and Stroud. We think that it is important to make these activities available to as many people as possible as they have great educational physical and psychological benefits. Circus skills develop self confidence, coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and body control. Circus skills are an art but also a sport therefore they combine physical exercise and creativity in a very effective way.

Details of classes coming very soon!


4 responses to “School of Larks is here!!!

  1. Emma Chapman (Sue P's daughter) says:

    Hi! Mum gave me a flyer today and I am really interested in your static trapeze lesson. Unfortunately I am in pantomime for until after the 15th March but I will be there after that. Just wanted to let you know I will be joining you.

    • CLAUDIA says:

      Great look forward to seeing you after the panto. Just turn up when you’re free (we break for Easter from 3rd – 17th April – so no class 8th and 17th. x

  2. joanne miele says:

    hi I am really interested in the silks or static trapeze lessons for adults. I cant seem to find what days they are on.

    cheers jo

    • CLAUDIA says:

      Hi Joanne,

      I’m so sorry for late reply!

      We have a holiday adult static trapeze/aerial silks class in Stroud tomorrow evening for beginners at the Centre for Science and Art (opposite the library) 5.30pm – 6.30pm. You would be very welcome to attend this. (£8) Otherwise starting in the first week of September we have a Wednesday session in Nailsworth Sub Rooms 4pm – 6pm – this is for teens + and in Stroud at above venue we have an adult beginners class 6.05pm – 7.05pm on Tuesdays. Hope this helps. x

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